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COVID-19 Policies

The Health and Safety of our Employees is our highest priority. With input from the Western Forestry Contractors Association as well as all our Supervisors, Head Cooks, Clients and fellow Contractors, we have drafted our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures. You can download the official document here:

HRI COVID-19 Policies and Procedures
(Required reading for all HRI Employees)

The following reports are required for all HRI Employees coming out to work in any of our operations this season:

Required Employee Health Log 
(Required Form for all HRI Employees)
 Self-Isolation Report
(Required Form for all HRI Employees - after your receive your COVID test)
Required Plan for how you will get to Camp Pickup Location 
(Required Form for all HRI Employees - to be submitted 1 week before Camp pickup date)
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