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Tug of War Tree Planting Camp
tree planting
Eli's Tree Planting Crew
Nicole's Tree Planting Crew
Nicole's Tree Planting Crew


2017 Payroll Deadlines

Submit Block Numbers to Jack Deadline

Submit Your Camp Payroll

Payroll Goes Out

May 10th

May 14th

May 21st

May 20th

May 24th

June 4th

May 30th

June 9th

June 18th

June 9th

June 19th

July 2nd

June 19th

June 29th

July 16th

June 29th

July 8th

July 30th

Block Numbers Spreadsheet for Invoicing

Download Spreadsheet Template

Submit Block Numbers Spreadsheet to Jack


TDG Training Records Template


Submit Payroll

Submit by Uploading Your Payroll Spreadsheet Here

Release Form

If an Employee leaves or is dismissed, they must sign this Form

Incident Report Template

Fill this out for all Safety infractions, close calls, near misses

WSIB Form 7

If an Employee is injured, you may need to file a WSIB Form 7

WHMIS Training Records Template


Restricted Areas Training Records Template


Cash Advance From


Expense Report


Submit Expense Report


Tree Plant Production - Client Spreadsheet

Brush Saw Training Record Signature Template

Upload Your Completed Ministry of Labour Worker Awareness Training

Brush Saw Safety Training

Become familiar with our Health & Safety Manual

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