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About Our Equipment

HRI owns all the equipment we use to get the job done. We float our skidders using company owned floats, we service our equipment using in-house mobile service trucks and we require all our employees to undergo rigerous training while operating any Company equipment. By owning our own equipment we are able to move quickly from block to blcok, project to project, minimizing downtime and maximizing production.

For our Tree Plant operations, we use 53 ft kitchen/mess trailers which we move with our fleet of tractor trailers. Our crews move in 15 passanger vans and trucks as well we own 2 school busses. Our generator and water equipment are stationed in brand new trailers which allow us to setup camp virtually anywhere. We take a lot of pride in our equipment, maintaining it regularily with a full time staff of mechanics. Ultimately we believe that by using new equipment that is properly maintained and taken care of, we minimize breakdowns and increase our overall effeciency and productivity.



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